A collection of simple TeX and LaTeX document templates by Michael Stutz.

TeX and LaTeX Document Templates

These templates make it easy to typeset letters and correspondence, articles and term papers, envelopes and mailing labels, and fax cover sheets.

Templates included in this package:

Article, research paper, term paper.

To- and from-address for a #10 envelope.

Fax cover sheet.

Single mailing label on standard 15-up sheet.

Letter or correspondence.

Book manuscript.


Version 1.0: [7k gzipped tar file]

The manuscript template requires the manuscript.sty style file, which was posted to Usenet in 1998. There is another version available from CTAN, but I haven't tested it.

Installation and use

To write a document with a template, insert the contents of the template file into a new file that has a .tex or .ltx/.latex extension, and edit that. (Use your favorite text editor.)

To make sure that you don't accidentally overwrite the actual template files, you can make them read only, like this:

$ chmod a-w template-file-names

The bracketed, uppercase text in the templates explain what kind of text belongs there; fill in these lines with your own text, and delete the ones you don't need.

See also

This package is referenced and described in my Linux user's guide, The Linux Cookbook. The newly revised second edition is available from No Starch Press and may be purchased online at a discount. The book also has recipes for processing, previewing and printing LaTeX and TeX files.

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